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Grapefruit Seed Extract

My Experience With Grapefruit Seed
I know this sounds like an advertisement article, but it is not! I’m not of the “push a product” type. The intention here is to detail my personal experience with Grapefruit Seed Extract. I am NOT a doctor, I am not a paid spokesperson, I am just a simple (ha) human being. This is my story….

What Got Me Started With Grapefruit Seed Extract
It all started when I kept having recurring mouth sores. Then I would bite them and they’d hurt more. It got to the point where smiling was painful! I changed my toothpaste to an all natural type since the sodium lauryl sulfate was mention as a cause of sores….I upped my Vitamin C….I gargled with saltwater……. all of which helped a little but they are still there.

Then one day I came across the mention of Grapefruit Seed Extract. By now I was desperate, having even tried making my own toothpaste (a dismal failure for me). So I figured for under $20 I’d give it a try!

What type to chose?

I found there were liquid types and there were tablet types. After reading that the liquid can be used as a natural cleaner (well diluted) I figured if it didn’t work for my poor cheeks I could always use it for that.

I opted to go with the Nutribiotic Liquid Drops. I got the 4 oz size, which is about the size of your hand. I’ve had it for over a year and haven’t even used half! As for the cleaner idea, I haven’t tried it yet :).
First Go……

One word………..bleh. I dropped 10 drops into a bottle of water, which was a mistake! I should’ve started with less water until I got used to the taste. I tastes like the rind of the grapefruit, the white part……..bleck. Desperate as I was, I suffered through it. For your first time, start with 8 oz of water and 5 drops to get used to the taste. I managed to drink the whole bottle of water though! Holding your nose helps a bit.

After a week of daily 10 drops in a bottle of water (glutton for punishment), I noticed I had a lot fewer mouth irritations and the ones I had were small and healed fast! I stuck with the daily routine for a few months and eliminated the sores completely!!!

I thought it was just coincidence so I stopped taking it. A week later, I had a painful sore right where my sharp tooth hits the cheek. Started a few drops in a glass of water, gone in three days. So now I take it a few times a week, and if I forget for more than 4 days I get a mouth sore.

I thought maybe I just needed more vitamin C, but even taking more in different forms I still would get the mouth sores.

Update: It’s been over a year now and I have the same results. I skip GSE for more than three days, I either get a random mouth sore or when I bite my cheeks it doesn’t heal well. GSE and it heals within a day or two!

Why it works I don’t know. I have no problems with it, no upset stomach or anything, and I found no evidence that it can hurt to take. Perhaps the PH makes your mouth unfriendly to whatever causes the sores? I can only speculate, I just know it works for me!
DO NOT, under any circumstances, get the undiluted stuff in your eyes! Or even on your skin! It’s strong and will not feel good (kinda like getting lemon juice in your eyes). Be careful when dropping it into a water bottle that it all goes into the bottle and not drip on the rim or you will get an unpleasant experience on the first swig.

A side note, I tried adding it to orange juice to disguise the flavor-don’t do this. Not only did it not disguise, but it caused a sediment at the bottom of the glass both times I tried it. I added it to a citrus soda and the taste was terrible! Stick with water or non orange juice/non citrus soda. I find it easier to just drink the glass of water fast and be done with it.

I hope someone else with mouth sores has luck with it, it works for me!

Cheap seedling pots

How to make cheap plant seedling pots

Overrun with seeds and seedlings? Need to put them into bigger pots but don’t have enough? This discussion to the rescue! Here I will detail how I make inexpensive pots for my young plants. In the sun they only last a season or two, but for the cost they are worth it!

The secret to cheap planting containers?
The secret? Disposable plastic cups! Dixie cups is the most common brand around here. Available in numerous sizes and cheap! . Get the colored ones not the clear ones. I’ve used red and green and seen no difference between the colors. The exception to this is if you’re keeping them in a tray or you feel like painting the outsides. You can also use the styrofoam cups, but I must disclaim melting holes in them for drainage is even more smelly and fume -y than the thin plastic ones.

The “jello shot” sized ones are good for itty bitty seeds or when you don’t want to use much soil. The rest of this discussion will be the big “normal” sized ones you might have at a party, since for me these are usually step two in the seedling shell game.

Melting holes? More about that in a second!

Materials Needed for project
You will need a few materials for this.

1. The cups
2. A heat proof workspace
3. A heat source and melting thing
4. Lots and lots of ventilation
5. A cold drink!

Number 5 is of course the most important if you live in a hot area! Second most important for your health is good ventilation. Please make sure that you have plenty of fresh air, wear a respirator if needed. I put a small fan behind me to blow the fumes away from me-melting plastic is noxious and not good for lungs! And never let a child do this project unattended! Hot things, fumes, and kids don’t play nice together!

Heat source and melting object?
What on earth do I mean?

Well, for me I just use a soldering iron or soldering gun. Steady heat, comfortable to hold, and I have ones that I don’t use for solder (the plastic melts on the tip so clean them well when done!). I do have to use an extension cord since my outlet is halfway across the garage but those are easy to find:).

You can also have a candle lit and use a nail, held with pliers, heated in the flame to melt the holes. I find this can get messy with soot though, and there’s always a danger of knocking the candle over so be careful!

WARNING: Melted plastic can cause severe burns! *eyes legs*. Wear pants and watch those fingers!

Getting started
Plug in your soldering iron, or get the nail hot. Line up a few cups, upside down, on the table/work surface in front of you (see picture above). Turn on the fan/open the door, sip your cold drink, and figure out how many holes you need.

When I’m planning on using them for plants like peppers that like it drier, I do 5 holes around the bottom. Water loving ones, I do 4. If I’m being lazy or in a hurry I’ll do 3 but I find these stay waterlogged longer than most plants like.

Caveat: Unlike drilling things, you can’t melt holes in the bottoms of more than one at a time or they melt together. So no stacking the cups and doing several at once! Trust me on this…….they’ll break when you try to pry them apart :).

Use the soldering iron and melt the proper number of holes in each cup. I used a blade style and found out using it wide ways make a nicer hole than skinny, as the narrow slits clogged too easily.

Let them cool and viola! Cheap seedling pots!