Spray Paint Painting

Spray Paint Paintings-what are they?

Spray paint painting , as we are referring to it here, is the application of various types of spray paint through unmodified tips onto a surface in a design which is manipulated using common household items such as pot lids.

Say what?

Ok, the simple version of what we said above!

Take (for example) a piece of posterboard
Grab some spraypaint lids, pot lids, maybe a straight edge, perhaps a credit card
Grab spraypaint (glossy), shake well.
Spray the paint onto the posterboard and use the other items to manipulate where the
colors end up.

That’s spray painting in a nutshell.

There are dozens of great Youtube videos on spraypainting, and you can even find DVD’s done by some of the best spraypainters out there! Words can’t begin to teach you the art of spacepainting, so I highly recommend buying a dvd or watching every video you can google! And yes, it may sting to pay someone to teach you something…….but it’s well worth it and saves you tons of money buying your own supplies.

An example of a use for the space painting techniques

This painting was made using posterboard, several colors of paint, and a pair of human bare feet.

In this case all the artist did was to lay down several colors she liked.
She then stood on the painting and sprayed around her feet with a light color.
Viola! A spray painting!

This didn’t take much talent or work, and was destined to be a background for a saying rather than a
stand alone painting.

Cleaning off the feet involved paint thinner…..I tried wearing socks and that was horrible. I tried coating my feet with vaseline so the paint wouldn’t stick but that was greasy and did not give the desired effect. So, barefooted it was!

A secret tool to use………..

If you wonder how I got the white branches on the tree painting above while spacepainting, it’s simple. A very expensive specialized tool………..and I am going to share it with you……..

Now, about this expensive specialized tool. I bet you’d *love* to know what it is, right? You’d pay hundreds of dollars to find out? Ok, I won’t make you go that far. SImply send 9.95 in a self addressed stamped envelope colored blue and folded like origami…wait? No? Ok, Well, here’s the secret tool in question…..

Guitar picks!

Yes, that’s right..the big special tool is a guitar pick. I use a pick with a grip for playing bass when I have to use a pick, and these work great for spraypainting. The pick is easy to manuever and cheap to replace when it gets too gunked up to use (although simply wiping it off occasionally works wonders). Caveat, some paint thinners may harm a guitar pick so don’t use your favorite! And no fair swiping them from a guitar player, go get your own pack :)

Susan’s YouTube video

Here’s a video of my own personal paintings I’ve done. It’s short, because I haven’t managed to get a lot of them posted. I have about 50 waiting to be photographed. You’ll find this hobby is addictive! Many thanks to Steve “Steevus” Hoevertsz for the awesome soundtrack!

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