Lessons Learned in Drumline

Things I learned in Drumline

1. Yes, it can get hotter
2. Snare drums can bounce on asphalt
3. Cymbals cannot
4. Thrown cymbals can spear themselves neatly in sand
5. Bad idea to throw cymbals
6. You will smack your finger when doing a rimshot more when wearing light colored clothing
7. Band Parents Rock
8. Band Parents have learned lemon Gatorade can be watered down the furthest
9. Do not anger the band director
10. Laughing at someone who did means you get to share punishment
11. Do not anger the drumline instructor
12. See 10.
13. When one bass drummer goes down, they all go down
14. Women should never wear T style harnesses
15. If you make a mistake, make it loud and proud.
16. Unless you play cymbals, then never make a mistake.

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