Animal Themed Pillows, just for fun :)

Need some animal themed decor for the house? Perhaps the baby loves critters and you want to decorate in an animal theme? Then these pillows are for you! Made in the USA by single women (the company pays for their daycare!), these American Mojo pillows help people right here in the US while at the same time looking great in your house!

Cute cartoony animals on USA made pillows. Click on any cute picture to see a bigger version and purchase your very own cute cartoon animal throw pillow! Featured here is an owl, sheep, peacock, goldfish, coows, penguin, and a teddy bear. Great for any animal themed decor!

Blue Owl American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowBlack Sheep American MoJo Pillow throwpillowPeacock American MoJo Pillow throwpillowRed Goldfish Personalized American MoJo Pillow throwpillowFunny Pooping Cow American MoJo Pillow throwpillowCute Penguin American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowBlushing Sheep Holding Heart American MoJo Pillow throwpillowPanda and Bamboo American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowBlushing Cow with Hearts American MoJo Pillow throwpillow

Here are some cool photo based animal designs on awesome pillows. Add your own text and make a custom pillow for your animal friends!
This is just a small selection, including horses, dogs, an alligator, giraffe, bison, fox and a cow!

Black Lab Pink Bandana Puppy image Throw PillowSeagull Left Corner of frame PillowsHermit Crab on Sand Coming out of shell PillowsWhite and blonde albino hamster picture pillowsOberhasli Alpine Doe through fence Throw PillowPsychadelic Young Pelican Cleaning Pillows
Dog American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowTrotting horses Mojo throw square pillow throwpillowCayman crocodile photo throwpillowGiraffe's head photo portrait throwpillowKing Charles Spaniel puppies throwpillowCAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL American MoJo Pillow throwpillowBison American Mojo Pillow/Cushion throwpillowCanadian Timber Wolf American Mojo Pillow/Cushion throwpillowAlpine cow cushion throwpillow

Great for protecting the little one’s tender noggins, cuddling up with to read a book, or decoration the nursery, these are cute animals perfect for a baby or young child’s room! Please keep them out of the crib though :). You can even personalize the pillow with the child’s name. Click for a larger view!

Cute Bunny American Mojo Throw throwpillowDiddles Birdie American MoJo 20x20 Pillow throwpillowDiddles Moo-Cow American MoJo 20x20 Pillow throwpillowPink Elephants Throw Pillow throwpillowCute Ladybug American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowDiddles Lamb American MoJo 20x20 Pillow throwpillowWoolly sheep throwpillowBaby Animal Bunnie throwpillowDiddles Pig American MoJo 20x20 Pillow throwpillow

Here is a selection of paintings, digital art, and other unique animal designs for your gifting pleasure! Click on the picture to see a bigger version!
Featured in this selection is a lion painting, chicken design, sharfish garphic, unicorn digital work, and a pegasus (plus more!)

Lion American MoJo Pillow throwpillowChicken/Rooster Fine Art American MoJo Pillow throwpillowTurtle Inspirational American MoJo Pillow throwpillowStarfish American Mojo Throw Pillow throwpillowUnicorn Butterflies Fantasy American MoJo Pillow throwpillowWild Horses American MoJo Pillow throwpillowFlying Pegasus American MoJo Pillow throwpillowCantering foal Mojo throw square pillow throwpillowBrown Horses American MoJo Pillow throwpillow

Who wouldn’t love to have a zebra stripe theme? How about a spotted pillow? You can find them here! Click on any design for a larger view! Add your own text and declare YOUR pillow off limits! Shown here is peacock feathers, lepoard spots, zebra stripes, snakeskin, and tiger stripes!

Peacock Feathers American MoJo Pillow throwpillowBeautiful Faux Giraffe Skin Pillow throwpillowFunky Faux Leopard American MoJo Pillow throwpillowZebra Stripes - American Mojo Pillow throwpillowsnake skin print throw pillow throwpillowAfrica Wild Pillows Zebra Black Gold Stripe throwpillowPurple Zebra American MoJo Pillow throwpillowTiger Print Throw Pillow throwpillowZebra Heart Initial American MoJo Pillow throwpillow

Well, that ends this selection of animal pillows. Pretty cool, right?

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