Bass guitar designs on fun stuff

Why should you buy bass guitar themed items? Because they are cool! Bass is one of the necessary instruments for a truly rocking song, or to just make an impact in any song. Find things for that hard to buy for bass player on your list!

Just the bass………clef!

Bass guitar starts out with a bass clef. Not a treble clef, a bass clef (I’ve seen it called a tenor clef also). Basically (haha) a backwards C with a couple of dots, the bass clef design makes for a nice simple and bold graphic! Here are a few graphical bass clef designs, featured on great gifts like shirts hats and aprons!

Red female blue dress blue bass clef tee shirts

Bass Clef Casual Style Red, tenor clef music design Apron

Blonde female blue bass clef red dress bags

Bass Clef Casual Style Orange and Blue Mesh Hats

Photographic designs

Photographs of bass guitars make for very cool artwork. Add a few effects, maybe another image, and you get a design any musically inclined person can love! See what I mean below:

Sunburst Four String Bass Ghost Hands Print

Tiger eye bass pickup knobs close up square stickers

Purple Sunburst Four String Bass Ghost Hands Print

Tiger eye bass pickup knobs close up music note beverage coaster

female hand holding four string bass neck

female hand pulling bass string 1 posterized business card

Bass knobs yellow flower red back mousepad

Red pink rose against five string bass fret board keychain

Bass guitar strings pickups grunge tiger eye letterhead

Orange Bass Guitar Poster

Bass Guitar iPhone Case iPhone 3

Artwork using bass guitars

The bass guitar’s simply outline makes for a neat art subject. Whether painted, posterized, neon outlined, solarized, or any myraid of other effect, the bass guitar is instantly recognizable even among non music people! Check out these cool designs featuring bass artwork!

Two Toned Upright Bass Player Outline BW Business Card

Upright orchestra bass image red version tshirts

upright bass player Blue White version Personalized Invites

Female bass player watercolour painting, colorful! pinback button

Upright orchestral acoustic double bass blue art apron

Upright Bass Player Image Design Red and Yellow Ties

Electric bass just hands, red bass yellow white 3 ring binder

Bass Guitar T-Shirt

Bass Guitar Humour

One good thing about most bass players is that they have a great sense of humour. Heck, we even poke fun at ourselves without any prompting from the guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, or singer! Here are some funny designs (well, to a bass player!) featured on customizable products and gifts:

Bass player humour- You Have A Big Bottom Tshirts

I make things fall off walls. Bass rules! Bassist Tshirt

I’m with the bass player? I AM the bass player Tshirt

Silly boy, bass is for girls! Bass player gift Pinback Buttons

Windows Fear me Male Bass player version

Bass-Ic necessity Purple text Bass Player

bass player what I think I do circle Posters

Glass Fears Me, Bass rules! black text Bag

Smiling Stick Figure Girl holding bass / guitar Mouse Pad

Bass Goddess Stick Figure Female Bass Player Refrigerator Magnet

This one is for the girls!

Bass is for girls!!! Here’s a bunch of female bass guitarist themed designs, created by a girl bass player:

Real Women Play Bass. Bumper Stickers

Bass is for girls purple text tshirt

Female bass player wordle 1 red blue black postcards

Yes I am a girl Play Bass Purple with bass Shirt

Bass Is For Girls Bass Black text clipart behind Bumper Sticker

Yes I Play Bass Black Text Yellow Glow T Shirts

Pink Bass Guitar Black Floral Circle Design

Round em up!

Time for a final collection of bass themed designs in every style!

Bass player , bass and hand, negative image stamp

Bass Guitar Painting Abstract Bright Colours Party Plates

Poster image woman bass player peeking over personalized invites

Words related to playing bass, red blue green hat

Bass, Upright and Electric Outlines with Man Business Card

Bass Player outline figure red and blue Announcement

Vintage Electric Bass Four String Musician Graphic Christmas Ornaments

Blue Bass Blue Floral Circle Design Tee Shirt

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