Halloween Party Safety Quick Tips

Tips on how to keep Halloween fun and safe! Since this can be a “scary” time of year for some people, kids, pets, and innocent bystanders, here are some great tips to keep it more on the fun side and avoid several common problems.

Indoor Things to watch out for:

Keep open flames (candles, etc) away from any flammable decorations (all decorations, unless stone, are flammable!). This means if you’ve got Halloween garland on the wall, don’t have a lit candle underneath in case the decoration come loose.

Keep the fire extinguishers ready and nearby. You do have at least one in the kitchen, one in the garage, and one by the bedrooms, right?

Check the smoke alarms…….just in case

Lock up the pets! Escaped cats, dogs being fed candy, tortured spiders, panicked parrots spoil the fun!

Watch the kids! Make sure everyone knows where the kids are at all times

Don’t drink and drive-take the keys when people come over, don’t give them back if they’ve imbibed. Pull out the couch, blow up the air mattress, get out the cots……whatever it takes!

Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot-food poisoning is bad enough on its own, but on top of a ton of chocolate…welll…….

Check the candy-don’t eat it if any concerns. Sort the kids’ haul before errrrrrrrr hiding it for later, toss anything remotely suspicious. One year someone in my childhood neighborhood put razor blade pieces in “DARE” erasers. I didn’t find out until I was using the eraser and it shredded my page-we never thought to look at those!

Make sure the neighbors are ok with a party-invite them over-so they don’t call the police on you every 10 minutes.

Outdoor hints

Extra things to watch for:

Watch out for open flames near costumes and decorations outside too! Keep a bucket of water handy if you don’t have enough fire extinguishers.

Lock the pool gates/screen enclosures if you’re not using the pool, no need for any accidental slips.

If you have a pond, make sure it’s clearly marker or away from the action-temporary plastic fencing is available at hardware stores.

If you are expecting a lot of cars, clear areas for parking (and check with the neighbors). Block off the sprinklers and the septic lines so no one drives over them.

Lights! Light up the area so no one trips and falls

Watch those extension cords-make sure they are rated for outdoor use. Be aware of how many things are plugged into one outlet so your moving zombies don’t overload the circuit

Unplug any decorations if it starts raining.

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