Why I like the CSI series

My opinions on the CSI TV series, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas
This page is a brief discussion on the things I like about the CSI franchise series, and some of the limitations too. Forensics has interested me since I was a little kid, so the more they talk about the science and the less soap opera the show the more I like it!

Things I like
I’ve always been interested in science, so #1 on my list of things I like about CSI is the emphasis on science. Most crime shows tend to focus too much on the people dynamics of the actors, which personally is more of an icing on the cake thing for me.

#2 is how CSI is not just re-enactments like many of the new forensics shows……interviews with bawling people about things that happened gets a little trite after a while.

#3 is how the writers will interject real life happenings into the show. For example, the issue of Mac Taylor’s wife being in the Trade Center. Or the episode with the club fire that to me is based on the Great White Station Nightclub fire (except in CSI more people escaped).

#4 is how the characters grow as the seasons progress. That’s not always in a good way (the original Gil Grissom was a lot more fun than the later one), but at least it’s not the exact same role over and over again.

#5 is how they try to portray the characters as being real people with real problems. Sometimes they overdo it (for a while it seemed a CSI got hurt in every episode!) but overall they do a good job capturing being a human. You’ve got a divored/widowed mom raising a daughter, not always easily, a dad with a wild daughter on the streets, a gambling addict, a young kid who makes mistakes, etc.

Overall, I enjoy the realism and the science.

Things I don’t like
#1 is how sometimes the characters can be too predictable. My main complaint on that is aimed at CSI Miami…….does Horatio really have to have the same pattern to his lines every time???

#2 is sometimes they are blantantly off in the handling of evidence. To their credit they’ve acknowledged this and you can see the progression in how they’ve fixed some of the obvious errors. At least they wear gloves and take tons of pictures now!

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints! Some complain that it’s unrealistic in the portrayal of what a “real” csi does…….but I would think most people would be smart enough to realize that there’s different roles in a police department (CSI’s dont go in on drug busts!) and would understand it’s just a storyline.

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