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Custom Guitar/Bass Pick Review, Part 2

If you missed part 1, it’s here: Part 1 of pick review

To give a quick review, these are the custom picks released by Zazzle. This review is for the standard shape (triangle is also available), and so far the printing is great and the picks themselves are medium weight.

The unanswered (yet) question is, will the printing stay on in playing?

For test 1, I tried bending the picks to see if the printing would flake off.

Quickly discovered that it’s actually part of the plastic of the pick, so it easily passed that test.

For Test 2, I tried scraping the image off with a fingernail.

I did not make a scratch in it!

Test 3, I tried scraping a pocket knife (not serrated) across the face with medium pressure, nada. So far so good……..

Now, out comes the guitar.

—- To reiterate, I’m a medium player, not a pro guitar player so my skill set is playing eighth and quarters on chords and hardly any picking. For this test, I played four rounds of “Mad World” plus a few warm up chords, so approxiamatly 15 minutes of playing chords, mostly eighths at 108bpm alternating up and downstrokes. I used two picks, one held with the printing up and the other held printing down to take into account the force of a downstroke versus an upstroke.

After 10 minutes of playing, this was the two picks. The one on the left was printing up, the one on the right was printing down.

customized guitar picks by susan l marsh

Guitar picks after a short burst of playing

As I expected, the image did indeed come off.

*add sad face here*

The first thing I noticed was how fast the pick itself wore down. It is hard to see in these images, but there are grooves in the plastic where the leading edge is wearing down. More than a few songs and I suspect you might be able to shave with the edge that forms…

Because of this, I wouldn’t be inclined to use these as gig picks unless you intend to casually drop them on the floor for the groupies. After every song maybe.

The great news is, only a millimeter or so of the leading edge wore off of the printing! That impressed me. From what I can tell, the pick itself wore out and not the printed layer.

Close view of worn off edge

Close view of worn off edge

I’m guessing that on thicker roundwould bass strings, these would shred apart even faster, so I’ll have to disagree that these would make even one song bass picks. Tapewound strings would stop the wearing issue, but the flexibility would be an issue there. I know I personally use at least 1mm on bass if I’m using a pick, and these aren’t that sturdy. My pick skills on bass are rather limited since I would normally rather play with four fingers than one pick, so I’d have to find a willing volunteer to test out how well they stand up on bass.

In summary, these would make a great gift for a musician, or a unique giveaway for a band/solo act. Crafters could also make a great set of jewelry out of these! They aren’t 100% full gig useable, but they aren’t cut out of lamination either :).

One flea medicine I tried and liked for the cat

Flea medicine I’ve been using for a while on my older cat. I just mix it into a can of food (maybe 1/4″ of a can to start), let him chow down, then give him the rest of the meal! Better than a greasy coat. No problems with his health, and he’s asthmatic so I’d expect him to be the first to have a reaction. So far, so good!

(if you happen to buy from my amazon link above, I do earn a small commision).