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Ten ways the singer knows to update the band’s music

Top 10 Ways a Singer Knows It’s Time to Learn New Material
By Susan L. Marsh

1. The bass player watches TV the whole night and never misses a note.
2. The drummer sings along, in tune, every song.
3. The audience starts giving requests- for you to not play a song
4. You did your original set list on a Commodore computer, and haven’t revised it.
5. The guitar player and the bass player hold debates on stage-and never miss a note.
6. The girl in the front that you let play tambourine gets the song right.
7. Your keyboard player took the job with the karaoke guy to hear something new.
8. The bartender leaves the jukebox on and tells you to turn down
9. Your band mates hog tie you and leave you in the car so they can play their songs.
10. The band falls asleep on stage- While playing- And never misses a note.