Tips and techniques on taking pictures of your pet cat-Part 2

Candid shots-introduction

With cats, this tends to be the most common type of photograph. It’s a lot harder to pose a cat than a dog! However, sneaking up on a playing kitty or snoozing fluffball in the sun isn’t too hard (see earlier comment about camera noise). The hardest part is avoiding the “You are *bothering* me” look they like to give you, although those looks make for great pictures too.

There is something to keep in mind about candid shots-you have to have a camera in hand to catch them.

If you’re after good kitty photographs, keep your camera either within reach (if you’re just around the house) or around your neck (if you’re actively pursuing pictures). Make sure the batteries are charged and there’s film or a memory card with room on it loaded. Practice taking off the lens cap quickly. Get into the habit of having the camera nearby and you’ll capture more photographs! With luck you may even get a shot of your kitty in “wild eyed zoom around the room” mode!

Sleeping Kitty
or, Shhhhhhhhhh isn’t she cute?

Cats like to sleep. A lot. And they’ll do it in the darndest places! Mine likes to sleep in the bathroom sink but always knows if I have a camera in my hand so I can’t prove it…yet. Pictures of sleeping cats are always favorites! Here are some examples of what you can capture during a (forgive the pun) cat nap!

(this one’s been digitally enhanced)
Sleeping Kitty Mousepad mousepad
Sleeping Kitty Mousepad by Bebops

She’s really hiding her nose, but could pass for sleeping:
Cat Hiding postcard
Cat Hiding by TitiaG

Going to sleep:
Jasper Yawning Kitten Photo Blank Notecard card
Jasper Yawning Kitten Photo Blank Notecard by CeruleanSkyStudios

Andddddddd we’re out:
Cat Contentment print
Cat Contentment by ReneeFukumoto

A really little one:
You & Me, big bro' Magnet magnet
You & Me, big bro’ Magnet by Funcards

When working with tiny kittens, keep em with mamma….put em back if they cry (or mom might decide to get possesive….or worse, push kitten out!) and never handle a young kitten unless you know the mothers’ temperment!

This guy looks realllllllly comfy:
Dreaming of the veldt print
Dreaming of the veldt by JeanC_PurpleDucky

I’m with the cat on this one……I dislike moving…….a lot……

Cat Sleeping postcard
Cat Sleeping by TitiaG

Don’t forget to grab those yawns!

Halloween Cat label
Halloween Cat by deemac1

Big mouthed kitten mousepad
Big mouthed kitten by deemac1

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