What to do with your pets on halloween.

This post is a brief overview on options for your pets on Halloween night, covering everything from doing nothing to shipping them off to another house. Whatever option you chose, safety comes first! Keep your pets and the trick or treaters safe!

Option 1: Nothing out of the ordinary.
If your pets consist of the type that are caged and they are not outside or in any of the front rooms of the house, you don’t have to do anything with them! Fish don’t care about noise and scary faces, neither do turtles. Got a hamster or guinea pig in a back room? They’ll be fine!

Option 2: Cover or Relocate the pet, within the house, temporarily
Certain types of animals are more prone to fright / over excitement than others.

Rabbits: Move any pet rabbits off the front porch or out of the front rooms if you’re expecting trick or treaters. Rabbits can (and do! I’ve had it happen) die of fright. If you’re having a party, relocate them to a quiet room until the party is over.

Guinea pigs: Guinea pigs are similar to rabbits and can get frightened easily. Move to a quiet area.

Birds: Large birds should definetly be out of traffic areas and not in an open window. Besides the squawking issues, the strange costumes may scare them. Smaller birds like finches should be kept an eye on-if they seem agitated, cover the cage or move it.

Snakes/spiders/exoctic: Place them somewhere not visible to trick or treaters. If the tank is where visitors can see, check the locks and cover the tank. You never know what someone may do!

Chinchillas, sugar gliders, etc: These are high strung enough as it is-relocate them to a quiet area and cover the cage if that’s their normal routine.

Option 2:Relocate, continued:

If you own a cat, you would be best off to lock it in a back room until the nights’ fun is over. Opening the door for trick or treaters is going to lead to a lost kitty (espically when they see some of the masks!) as they rocket out the slightly opened door. Get a new toy or catnip mouse, a big bowl of food and water, and a litterbox and put kitty in the back room. If you’re having a party, same idea-keep kitty away from the excitement and escape opportunities!

If you own a dog(s), if you can keep them in a back room (inside) during the night that would be best. The backyard might not be a good idea as someone may decide to play a trick on the dog and let it loose or worse. Ditto for the back porch-dogs can go through screens and even if Fido never has, the sight of a goblin in the front yard might be too much!

If you’re determined that little Princess stays near the fun, snap a leash on your dog. You may need to make an emergency grab! Keep an eye on the dog at all times so they don’t get tangled on anything. Tying a bell on the dogs’ collar would be a good idea too.

If you have a barking / guard type dog, either don’t take trick or treaters or put the dog away in a back room-last thing you need is your dog going after someone’s child.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you own a black cat, keep in mind what black cats tend to signify in peoples minds and keep the cat out of harms way. If it’s an outdoor cat, try to bring it inside at least on Halloween night (the whole weekend really). The unspeakable has happened to black cats on Halloween……keep yours safe. A reflective collar, tags, and a ball might be best.
Option 3: Take them elsewhere
If you own an aggressive dog, a scaredy cat, nervous rabbit, or whatnot, you may be better off taking them somewhere else.
Board them at the vets’, ask a friend to pet sit, hire a sitting service. Anything is better than losing your pet!

I hope that this post has started you thinking on what to do with Tiger or Fluffy for this Halloween!
Keep an eye on the pets and keep em calm, and have fun!

Oh, and


for your pets. Ever. Chocolate is badddddd for dogs, and nothing in candy is good for any animal. You giving your cat a jellybean is like you eating an entire box of sugar cubes (weight wise)…..not good :)

Happy Halloween!

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